At Southall Environmental Associates, it’s been an amazing ride these first 10 years. We’ve been so fortunate to work with so many great people all over the world! Much of our work in the field has been in behavioral response studies in three different oceans working together with the U.S. Navy to measure the effects of military sonar on marine mammals. SEA worked with colleague from a dozen institutions in the SOCAL-BRS study over most of the last ten years, during which our team has published over 35 peer-reviewed papers on this project alone! This study has morphed it into an exciting new project to study new dolphin species with cutting-edge integration of technologies including the use of drones, theodolites, and passive acoustic recorders. Academic institutions like Duke University allowed us the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research off the coast of Hatteras, North Carolina, where our Atlantic Behavioral Response Study is underway <link to Atlantic BRS>. The University of California, Santa Cruz has provided us the space to continue our captive marine mammal noise and hearing study with seals and sea lions at the Pinniped Sensory Systems Research Program.

Through these and many other great efforts, SEA and our collaborators have produced nearly 100 papers, popular articles, multimedia productions, and several dozen undergraduate and graduate students. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our successes and for their support. Here’s to another productive, fun, and exciting decade!