We are proud to announce the publication of a new and exciting paper on context-dependent behavioral strategies in feeding blue whales, lead by SEA’s own Dr. Ari Friedlaender and co-authored by Dr. Brandon Southall. The article is entitled:

Friedlaender, A. S., Herbert-Read, J., Hazen, E. L., Cade, D. E., Calambokidis, J., Southall, B. L., Stimpert, A. K., and Goldbogen, J. A. (2017). Context-dependent lateralized feeding strategies in blue whales. Current Biology 27, R1–R3.

The article can be downloaded for a limited time at: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1W54a_LsQSNgt~

Here are links to some of the international media coverage of this exciting work: