For those of you who have followed the from-the-field blog for the Southern California Behavioral Response Study (SOCAL-BRS) before, welcome back and thanks for the interest and support over the past year regarding our publications and presentations. For others of you not familiar with the project, we hope you will find some interesting information about our work through the blog and the project website <>

We have posted a lot of new information, updates, photos, and papers from the front page of the website. Additionally, you can find a drop-down menu with a dedicated page for each field season, including SOCAL-14 which is just beginning now. On this page <> you can find a simply worded public summary document with information about the configuration and objectives of the project for this field season.

We will be on the water for the next ten days starting tomorrow and the weather looks very favorable for the next few days offshore. Look for semi-regular posts about our effort and progress as soon as we are able to get enough internet access to upload some images and summaries. Thanks again, and especially to the program sponsors (U.S. Navy Living Marine Resources Program and Office of Naval Research Marine Mammal Program) for allowing us to be out here doing this work.

Brandon Southall

SOCAL-BRS Chief Scientist