SOCAL-BRS Collaborator Part of Discovery of New Whale Sensory Organ

Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen of Cascadia Research Collective is centrally involved in the SOCAL-BRS research program in collaboration with SEA and other partners.  Jeremy was part of another recent effort that contributed a major new finding to the fields of marine mammal biology, feeding behavior, and sensory biology – the discovery of a new sensory organ […]

SEA, Inc. Supports Aptos Little League

Southall Environmental Associates, Inc. is proud to support the Aptos Little League’s Major’s Division Cubs.  Last Saturday, star center fielder Logan Southall made a diving catch for the Cubs in center field and gunned out a runner trying to get to third base!  GO CUBS!!!

Recent press for

A recent article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel features the ground-breaking collaboration lead by our friend and colleague Drew Wharton in  Please check it and all the cool related links and information at:


We would like to let you know that the annual report for our Southern California Behavioral Response Study from 2011 is now available online on the SOCAL-BRS website.  Please go to <> We would like to especially thank all of our team members for their hard work, as well as the support of our research […]

New paper published on Assessing Acoustic Impacts in the Arctic

As interest in the rapid changes that are ongoing and forthcoming in the Arctic Ocean have increased, so has the study and assessment of impacts in the critical ecosystems found there.  Several colleagues and I collaborated on a paper that was just published in BioScience.  If you would like a .pdf copy of the paper, kindly […]

SEA Bloggers, Our partners at Wharton Media are soon to be launching a new and exciting web-based education and outreach effort called  More information on this forthcoming resource and collaboration is given below.   About is a Wharton Media-led education and outreach initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the critical role scientific research plays in […]

Recent press on Ellison et al. (2011) paper in Conservation Biology

A recent article in the online publication Science 2.0 focuses on a recent paper published by Bill Ellison, Chris Clark, Adam Frankel, and myself in the journal Conservation Biology <for a description and link to this article, please see: <> The recent media piece on the Ellison et al. (2011) paper was written by  Caitlin Kight […]

New website on marine bioacoustics and ocean noise

FYI – you may be interested in a new website related to some of the kinds of issues SEA is working on in ocean noise.  Check out: Also, below is a short description of the site and it’s content and objectives sent in a recent announcement. “Dear Colleagues and Associates, Ocean Conservation Research has […]

New advances in digital textbooks for marine science: CACHALOT

SEA Blog, Thought you might be interested to know of some recent and very interesting developments in the use of digital multimedia in higher education in marine science.  Dr. Dave Johnston from Duke University is spearheading the development and expansion of a remarkable digital texbook called “Cachalot.”  This is a free, open-source interactive software appliation that uses […]

CNN Opinion Piece

  FYI – Christopher Clark and I had an opinion piece on CNN today.  You can find the permalink at: and the full text is included below. Thanks also to our friends at Ocean Conservation Research <see:> and at the New Bedford Whaling Museum <see:> for their informative blogs about this article. Any comments […]


SOCAL-BRS is a study of basic behavior and responses to controlled sound exposures in a variety of marine mammal species.

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