NEW PUBLICATION: A New Context-Based Approach to Assess Marine Mammal Behavioral Responses to Anthropogenic Sounds

All, Please note the following recent publication in Conservation Biology, co-authored by SEA, Inc. President and Senior Scientist Brandon Southall. Conservation Biology, Volume **, No. *, 1–8 2011, Society for Conservation Biology published online: DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2011.01803.x The link to the full article is The link to the abstract is and the abstract text is […]

SEA Office Warming Party

  SEA, Inc. had the pleasure recently of christening our little office, with fresh ocean-themed paint and everything (thanks Kristin!).  It was a wonderful time with great food, live music, and friends new and old, family, and colleagues.  We are so fortunate to have the people we do around us in the work we do in […]


  We have reached the end of SOCAL-11.  While we had some challenges with weather (a few lightning storms near the end), personnel illnesses (nothing too serious but involved some shuffling), and a very different distribution of animals than the near-amazing abundance of animals in 2010, this was all-in-all a very successful second season.  We successfully incorporated two […]

Last days of SOCAL-11

We are wrapping things up here on the second leg of SOCAL-11.  The winds have been calm and we have had a number of visual and acoustic detections the last few days offshore in the Santa Monica and Santa Cruz basins.  However, our efforts have been somewhat compromised by those of others and we decided […]

Steaming, orcas, and Channel Islands Geology

We have been mainly in transit this morning back up to the northern Channel Islands so thought we would provide a quick from the field update and a little bit about the geology of the area where we are working.  We are steaming west now in a heavy fog but just bumped into a small […]

SOCAL BRS Tools: WILD geospatial mapping software

Today was a tag recovery day for SOCAL-11.  The Rissos dolphin tag from yesterday afternoon rode around on the animal overnight and it was quite a ways from where we started.  We again put someone on an island to listen for it and had both our small boats searching and it took until afternoon to […]

Back to the Rissos (plus Ziphius tagging video)

Today the offshore forecast remained poor and the inshore seas were a mixture of swell and shop from different directions.  With the conditions, we turned our attention back to Risso’s dolphins (above photo credit A. Friedlander, taken under NMFS permit #14534) and offshore blue whales.  We found both and tried for the combo, but oddly […]

Operation Ziphius…Engaged

At the top of our list of objectives for SOCAL-BRS is to obtain direct measurements of the responses of beaked whales to simulated military sonar.  Yesterday we had remarkably fair seas (as in zero wind for almost the whole day), which are the conditions required for tracking these elusive animals.  Yesterday we got it and […]

Rissos again…headed back offshore

Thursday started off calm but foggy.  This can be a little interesting coming out of Long Beach across the busy shipping lanes, but this is where the animals live.  Our objective today was to retrieve some of the tags deployed yesterday that had still been riding around on multiple animals overnight and then work back […]

Feast or Famine

Well, after the first four days of this second leg of SOCAL-11 with no suction cup tag attachments and marginal weather conditions we had a good day today.  We attached a total of five tags on three blue whales and a Risso’s dolphin and conducted the third-ever CEE on Risso’s.  We used a variety of […]


SOCAL-BRS is a study of basic behavior and responses to controlled sound exposures in a variety of marine mammal species.

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