Feast or Famine

Well, after the first four days of this second leg of SOCAL-11 with no suction cup tag attachments and marginal weather conditions we had a good day today.  We attached a total of five tags on three blue whales and a Risso’s dolphin and conducted the third-ever CEE on Risso’s.  We used a variety of […]

Offshore to start SOCAL-11 leg II…

We spent the first four days of the second leg of SOCAL-11 well offshore working deep basins and canyons in search of beaked whales.  Sorry for being out of touch,but we have spent the last three nights we stayed near Santa Cruz, San Nicholas, and Santa Barbara Islands, hiding in the lee at anchor and […]


Hi everyone — two important things to announce here. First, we are all aboard the R/V Truth (below) and our sister sailing ship with towed passive acoustics ready to go for the second leg of SOCAL-11 starting tomorrow at dawn.  While it looks like it will be a little windy to start tomorrow, it should […]

End SOCAL-11 Leg I

We have come to the end of the first leg of SOCAL-11.  We worked offshore the last two days based on the forecast of light winds and calm seas, but this didn’t entirely materialize.  We worked up by Santa Barbara Island in relatively low winds but moderate swell, looking and listening for beaked whales in […]

Closer on fins…finally good offshore weather

We’ve had some pretty good conditions in deeper water the last few days and have had success finding baleen whales in deeper water and have spent a lot of time searching for beaked whales as well.  From the picture below you can see the calm conditions we have had in 800-1000m kinds of water.  This […]

Trying for beakers…got offshore blues

We had good weather offshore today and we tried for most of the day well offshore in good visibility species looking for beaked whales.  We surveyed fairly large areas of offshore banks and basins looking and listening, but didn’t have any luck.  We came across several small groups and single blue and fin whales offshore […]

SOCAL-11 Working Offshore

We’ve had fairly good to excellent seas offshore the past few days and have put in some time trying to work some of our more difficult/less common species like beaked whales and sperm whales.  In some of these offshore areas we might expect to find Risso’s dolphins or fin whales as well.  Yesterday we had a […]

Tag and CEE on a Risso’s Dolphin

Yesterday we attched one of the new generation DTags on a Risso’s dolphin for almost nine hours and conducted a perfect CEE. This was the longest successful attachment to date with the new version tags on offshore odontocetes and the first on a Risso’s. Below is a shot of the tag riding on the back […]


SOCAL-BRS is a study of basic behavior and responses to controlled sound exposures in a variety of marine mammal species.

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